Stars Day

Star´s Day what a wonderful way to start a day. Excited children were running about, happy parents were taking pictures, and encouraging teachers were boosting the enthusiasm.

Soon the parade started and the cheering filled the air as tiny tots marched into the football field raising their red, blue, green and yellow balloons in representation of their respective Houses. No winning prizes, no championship was to take place, just the joy of companionship and participation. The games went one after another at the blow of a whistle. First the children hustled through obstacles, each representing their team. Then the parents did the same showing much jubilee and willingness to contribute to the fun.  The parent tug-of- war was the last game and the favorite as moms and dads pulled and pulled to overcome the opposing team.

Once again the Altair family in unison made the most of the event and indeed it did become a most memorable one. 


Providencia Arbe
Infants & PrimarySchool Director



El pasado sábado 15 de noviembre se dió cita al Stars Day donde participaron todos los alumnos de PK- K 1ro y 2do grado de primaria representando a su respectivos “houses”. Los alumnos pudieron demostrar sus habilidades, y  el trabajo que vienen realizando en las clases de PE a través de diversos juegos, ante la atenta mirada de los padres de familia que asistieron en gran número . Los padres de familia asimismo pudieron interacturar con sus hijo(a)s en juegos combinados y al final, en el clásico juego del  “Nudo de Guerra” en donde hubo mucha emoción. Finalmente, todos los asistentes resultaron ganadores en esta gran fiesta Deportiva.

Diego Figueroa

Coordinador de Deportes

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