We Have Come to an End

It´s hard to think that we have come to the end of another school year. It seems like yesterday that we started with tiny tots coming for the first time and Fifth Graders thinking of their last year of Primary School. Now, the tiny tots are no longer so tiny and the Fifth Graders have done their PYP Exhibition, had their graduation ceremony and are now ready to move on to Secondary School to face new challenges.

There are many things  to remember about this year.

The Primary School Library was completely remodeled becoming a welcoming place to read and investigate. Many of our students found it to be such a relaxing and pleasant place as they discovered the comfort and engagement of reading exciting stories.

This year, for the first time we celebrated learning, an activity carried out by students of all Primary School to share with parents their discoveries while developing an inquiry cycle of learning. The children in a very mature way taught their parents skills and concepts, that moms and dads proudly acquired as they took part, and took pictures.

What about “Harmony Ville” our exciting Science Fair with all the experiments going on as a result of our students coming in close contact with Science and the Scientific Method. Something, too, to remember, is the Student Led Conference, which was much commented by parents due to the unexpected reflections, and goals set by their children. 

Sports and more sports were carried out as our students fought for the School colours and  came back with triumphs one way or another, making us and parents proud of them. Along with this, comes Altair Stars´Day. Parents , sons and daughters formed teams to compete just for fun´s sake in a nice and healthy way.

Parents  had a wonderful time preparing and presenting “El Show de Primavera” amongst laughter and fun. This was a chance to forget daily stress and to bring out the child in each of us.

The gymnastic circus was a great delight for those of us who were able to appreciate it.  You could see the evolution of how our children take control of their bodies with twisting and turning, summersaults and hand- stands.  Again, parents were an important part, presenting a routine as well.

The Christmas shows were so full of colour and enthusiasm that the Christmas spirit flowed all about. Contributing to this spirit was the Christmas Bazaar and the joy of moms and dads coming together with the Christmas feeling.

The different events that the school has offered this year has made it quite a busy one, yet, a year  full of pride for  success.

We wish you all happy vacations and a

Very Merry Christmas!


Providencia Arbe
Infants & PrimarySchool Director

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