Colegio Altair is a private and bilingual school, which offers a coed, modern and comprehensive education.

The school is located in Lima, Peru, is an IB school that is accredited for three of its programs: PYP, MYP and IB Diploma. Through a personalized and quality education, Altair seeks to satisfy the intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs of its students.

Colegio Altair is one of the best private schools in Lima recognized for its personalized and student-centered education. The school's mission is to develop people with integrity, responsibility, sensitivity, self-confidence, with passion for learning and committed and active members of a global community.

The team of teachers at Colegio Altair is highly qualified to provide a quality educational service through virtual, semi-face-to-face or face-to-face classes.

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"For me, AUTHENTICITY means to always be true to yourself and to strive every day to act according to what you think and feel. It is having the courage to be oneself."

Dánica Rems Shinsato, 6B, student at our school


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"For me RESPECT is a positive and very important quality in life, where you learn to appreciate a living being or thing. Respect begins with oneself "

Mar Florez Vizquerra, 6A, student at our school

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" WISDOM is the skill you can acquire by learning and living new experiences; this will help us become better people."

Nicole O´Brian, 6B, student at our school

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"With this pandemic, we are experiencing unusual situations: the whole family is at home, many sick people, new sanitary protocols, among others. Although everyone is nervous, I believe people should have hope, they should feel empathy for others and put themselves in the place of the other. People need to understand that we have to adapt and be flexible day by day with the obstacles we must face. We have to be resilient and continue with enthusiasm, because the vaccine is coming and hopefully with the grace of God, in 2022 life will be just like before the pandemic."

— Arhtur Loli, 5B


Meet the School Community

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Altair represents creativity, learning and personal growth through challenging goals, is about sharing, friendship and so much more. Altair are my students, young people that I have known and continue to know, who teach me many things every day, and who give me not only smiles, but also great life lessons. Altair means a challenge and a commitment, a purpose and many goals, together with a great team that is always by my side.

- Jessica Flórez
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When I joined Colegio Altair, I discovered that the energy and dedication that I put into knowing each one of the school students, their strengths and weaknesses, not only helped me to teach them better, but to reach them with greater success. After living in the USA for a while, I returned to Peru and without hesitating I chose Altair for my children. I have been sharing with the Altair community for almost 9 years; this has undoubtedly allowed me to grow more as a professional, however, the most important thing is that it has made me continue to be more and more in love with my career. The diversity experienced at Altair has allowed me to enrich myself as a human being with a more empathetic and tolerant view. I have managed to magnify my human quality, allowing me to achieve healthy and lasting bonds with my students. I owe my professional growth to Altair.

- Claudia Caravedo
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Colegio Altair is more than a workplace for me, it has become a second home. I have met very good friends and learned many new things. Thanks to the school I have been able to have contact with several national and international institutions, such as ADECOPA, LAHC and IBO, and to learn with each experience. Colegio Altair opened many doors for me and gave me many possibilities for growth, always willing to listen to new proposals and projects.

- Yolanda Meneses
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Former students

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When I started working at Altair, I quickly felt like I did when being a student: at home. It is more than a school and a workplace; for me Colegio Altair is a family. The affection, respect, trust and closeness to both teachers and students, make me constantly remember why I returned to my alma mater after so many years: to return all that was given to me.

- Aranza Lira
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I wouldn't change the years spent at my school for nothing. Every moment finding adversity, growth and fun. Every project supported and facilitated. An incomparable sense of family (through thick and thin). New challenges with each class and at the same time having the tools to face them. My aspirations (especially artistic ones) recognized and enhanced. A roller coaster of emotions and personal discovery, both validated and taken into account at every step, a truly safe environment to express myself and learn without compromising my identity (although full of continuous change).

- Diego Collado
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  •   Academic excellence

  • Assertiveness

  • Effective communication

  • Moral principles

  • Social and Individual Responsibility

  • Creativity

  • Sensitivity

  • Balance

  • Reflection Capacity
  • Humanistic Culture


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School news

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1st Term     2nd Term       3rd Term     4th Term

Start of classes:

Tuesday, March 1

Diploma II: Wednesday, February 17

        End of the first term:

Friday, April 29

Start of classes:

Monday May 9


End of second term:

       Friday July 8

Start of classes:

Monday August 1


End of third term:

        Friday September 30

Start of classes:

 Monday October 11


End of school year:

         Thursday December 15