We are open to new families interested in knowing our educational proposal, providing them with the greatest facilities to make the admission process more agile and entirely remotely.

The admission process comprises the following steps:

1.- Get to know our educational proposal

        It is an essential requirement that the parents of the applicants participate in an Open Day that will allow them to know our educational proposal and our facilities. Currently the appointments are through videoconference or in person.

        As part of the admission process for 3 years and pre-Kinder 2022 and 2023, we invite you to register through our website to participate in one of our Open Days. The dates are:

June 22nd 2022

You can register through the following link: OPEN DAY

If you have any questions, you can send an email to:

* Check tuition fees here

2.– Continue with the registration process

        Complete the registration form via web Registration Form

        Attach the required documentation (see list of documents).

        Documents can be sent digitally to the email:

3.- Interview:

        Once the previous steps have been completed, the School Secretary will contact the parents to coordinate their appointment with the School Head and/or a member of the Heads Council, during which they will be informed about the commitment that parents must assume in relation to the educational philosophy and management.

        Students applying for grades from Ninth to Diploma must go through an interview with the Head of Secondary level or with the Coordinator of the Diploma program, as the case may be.

4.- Evaluations:

        Since we are a Bilingual School, which has international programs, from second grade onwards an interview and an assessment of the applicant student will be carried out. In them, it is considered if the student is suitable for the teaching style that Colegio Altair offers. These interviews and evaluations can be conducted virtually.

        As of Fourth grade, the applicant student could be invited to spend a school day in the corresponding grade so that they can know our educational system  in an experiential way. As long as the classes are virtual, they are carried out through the virtual platform used in the classes with the students.

5.- Results:

        The results will be provided to the parents or guardians at the end of the process.


In the case of transfers, the required documentation is the following:

        Simple copy of the applicant's DNI and of both parents.

        ID, Aliens card or Passport in the case of foreigners.

        2 photos of the applicant (color carnet size).

        1 photo of each parent (color carnet size).

        Copy of the applicant's Birth Certificate.

        Transcripts of the two grades prior to the one you apply. (The applicant must have a general average of minimum 15).

        Certificate of Good Conduct, considered a minimum grade 15.

        Proof of no debt and punctuality in the payments corresponding to the school fees of the educational center of origin.

        Proof that the student has a level of English according to the grade to which he/she is applying.

        Copy of the applicant's medical insurance. 

*Repeating students are not accepted.

For applicants from a foreign school

In addition to the required documentation, attach:

        Letter of recommendation from the Headmaster of the school

        Letter of recommendation from the applicant's Tutor at the current School.

        Likewise, in order to be enrolled in the national system, the parents of students who come from abroad must present in the Ministry of Education of Peru the certificates of studies of the grades studied abroad for the corresponding validation or revalidation of studies , for which they must take into consideration the following guidelines:

        The Certificate of studies for the years studied, issued by the educational authority of origin, must be legalized by the Ministry of Education of the country of origin and apostilled by the Embassy of Peru in said country.

        In the case of coming from a non-Spanish-speaking country, the certificates must be accompanied by the translation endorsed by the authority designated by the embassy of the country of origin.

Applicants with priority in the awarding of places

In case of greater demand, the criteria and priority to be considered is the following:

a)      The siblings of students.

b)      The children of former students

c)       Sons and daughters of families that work in the school

d)      Balance between boys and girls;

e)      The compatibility of the educational styles, convictions and beliefs of the families with the educational philosophy and methodology of the school, in accordance with Article 13 of the Political Constitution of Peru and Article 5 of the General Law of Education.

f)       Children of foreign families in percentage that allows to maintain the intercultural exchange that the school promotes.

g)      Information collected during the admission process