Infants (Little Altair, Pre Kinder y Kinder)

The following documents are part of the admission file:

  • 2 photos of the applicant (color carnet size).

  • 1 photo of each parent (color carnet size).

  • Simple copy of the applicant's DNI.

  • Simple copy of the DNI of both parents.

  •  Identity card, Aliens card or Passport in the case of foreigners.

  • Copy of the applicant's Birth Certificate.

  • Simple copy of the applicant's vaccination card

  • Copy of the applicant's health insurance.

  • Proof of no debt and punctuality in the payments corresponding to the school fees of the educational center of origin.

  • Copy of the latest progress report from the educational institution of origin.

  • Documents that prove economic solvency.

  • Letter of recommendation from the company where the parents work.