Tuition fees 2021

Levels Grades Enrollment School Fee Entry fee
Infants y Primary School Little Altair (3 years old program) S/. 1,630.00 S/. 1,630.00 US$ 12,500.00
Prekinder S/. 1,820.00 S/. 1,820.00 US$ 12,500.00
Kinder S/. 2,525.00 S/. 2,525.00 US$ 12,500.00
Primary (up to 5th grade) S/. 2,670.00 S/. 2,670.00 US$ 12,500.00
Secondary School Secondary (from 6th grade to 10th grade) S/. 2,670.00 S/. 2,670.00 US$ 8,500.00
11th grade S/ 2,670.00 S/ 2,670.00 US$ 5,500.00
Diploma Diploma 1 S/. 3,270.00 S/. 3,270.00 US$ 5,500.00
Diploma 2 S/. 3,190.00 S/. 3,190.00 US$ 5,500.00
Notes   A single installment to be paid during the month of January.. There are ten installments per year, from March to December. One-time payment when entering the school for the first time.

* Diploma 2 are 10 installments that are paid from February to November

Additional information: The School provides the students with books and notebooks, includes the costs of trips within the city of Lima, the payment of international exam fees, all extracurricular activities and the Educational Insurance for the Parent or Economic Guardian.

Likewise, as part of the School's Nutritional Program, the 3-year-old and pre-Kinder students receive a daily snack and the students from Kinder to Sixth Grade, lunch.

Likewise, as part of the Technology Program, seventh through eleventh grade students receive a personal laptop for use in the classroom.