School Fees 2024


Admission fee
An admission fee is paid upon acceptance to Colegio Altair:


General admission fee

Grade Fee

Stage 2 to 5th grade

US$ 12,500.00

6th grade to 10th grade

US$   8,500.00

11th grade to Diploma

US$   5,500.00 

Special admission fee - applicable starting from the second child

Grade Fee

Stage 2 to 5th grade

US$ 10,000.00

6th grade to 10th grade

US$   6,800.00

11th grade to Diploma

US$   4,400.00 


Special admission fee - applicable to the first child of the graduated alumni from Colegio Altair

Grade Fee

Stage 2 to 5th grade

US$ 10,625.00

6th grade to 10th grade

US$   5,780.00

11th grade to Diploma

US$   4,675.00 


Additionally, we have a special Admission Fee policy for expatriate and diplomatic families, which will be informed as appropriate.


Payment schedule:
For the payment of the Admission Fee, we have the following schedules:


Stage 2 to Kindergarten

1st payment: November of the year before the year of admission.

Subsequent installments: June and November from the year of admission until the year the student enters Kindergarten.


First Grade to Diploma 1:

100% of the admission fee must be paid before the start of the student's school life at Colegio Altair.



Tuition fee: A single payment to be made during the month of January.

Monthly school fee: Ten installments per year from March to December, except Diploma 2, which run from February to November.

Grade Fee

Stage 2

S/ 1,588.00*

Stage 3

S/ 1,849.00*

Pre Kinder

S/ 2,064.00*


S/ 2,865.00*

Primary & Secondary School

S/ 3,029.00*

Diploma 1

S/ 3,709.00

Diploma 2

S/ 4,021.00

(*) 15% discount applied from the 3rd child onwards

Additional information: The school provides students with books and notebooks, covers the costs of city tours within Lima, pays for international exam fees, and all extracurricular activities.