School Fees 2023

Levels Grades Enrolment School fee Entry fees
ELS and Primary School Stage 2 S/. 1,498.00 S/. 1,498.00 US$ 12,500.00
Stage 3 S/. 1,744.00 S/. 1,744.00 US$ 12,500.00
Pre-kindergarten S/. 1,947.00 S/. 1,947.00 US$ 12,500.00
Kindergarten S/. 2,702.00 S/. 2,702.00 US$ 12,500.00
Primary (up to 5th Grade) S/. 2,857.00 S/. 2,857.00 US$ 12,500.00
Secondary School Secondary (from 6th to 10th Grade) S/. 2,857.00 S/. 2,857.00 US$ 8,500.00
11th Grade S/ 2,857.00 S/ 2,857.00 US$ 5,500.00
Diploma Year 1 S/. 3,499.00 S/. 3,499.00 US$ 5,500.00
Diploma Year 2 S/. 3,793.00 S/. 3,793.00 US$ 5,500.00
Notes   A single instalment is to be paid in January. There are ten instalments per year, from March to December. One-time payment when entering the school for the first time. The fee is non-refundable.
    Diploma 1: There are ten installments per year that go from March to December. Diploma 2: There are ten installments a year that go from February to November.  

* Diploma Year 2 may be paid in 10 instalments, from February to November

Additional information: School fees include: 

  • Text and notebooks
  • Costs of trips within the city of Lima
  • Payment of international exam fees
  • All extracurricular activities
  • Educational Income Insurance, for parents or Economic Guardian