About our School

Colegio Altair, Lima, is a private, bilingual school in Peru, offering students a dynamic, modern and comprehensive premium education in the heart of the cosmopolitan capital.

Altair in Lima, Peru, is an accredited IBO World School, delivering 3 of its programmes: the PYP, the MYP and the DP. Through a personalised approach to high-quality schooling, we satisfy the intellectual, physical, emotional and social needs of our students by offering a robust education inclusive of extracurricular activities and access to modern resources.

Colegio Altair is a leading private school in Lima, recognised for academic excellence in student-centred education. The school's mission is to develop young people who have integrity, are responsible for their learning journey, demonstrate understanding of the needs of others and are self-confident. Altair students develop a passion for learning and are committed to the progress of themselves and others as active members of the school community.

Eleanor Prescott


Our Head of School

Eleanor Prescott

Eleanor Prescott has a wealth of experience in international and bilingual education and has over a decade of senior leadership roles in various international schools. Eleanor's recent ventures include positions in Cambodia and China. She was a pivotal member of the start-up team at Wellington College International Shanghai, China, where she served as the Principal. Under her leadership, the school flourished, expanding from 276 students to over 1500, as well as becoming the recognized leading IBDP school in the region. Prior to her time in China, Eleanor spent four years at Wellington College, in the United Kingdom where she was a boarding housemaster responsible for the pastoral care of students. She has also taught Spanish and French in England.

Eleanor's passion for diverse cultures and international understanding is reflected not only in her professional journey but also in her personal pursuits. From her skiing endeavors in New Zealand, France, and the USA to owning an indoor cycling studio in China, Eleanor's dedication to lifelong learning and exploration knows no bounds. Eleanor's commitment to becoming genuinely bilingual aligns seamlessly with Altair's values. She holds an MA in Economics and Politics from the University of Edinburgh and is on the cusp of completing her doctoral studies in Education at the University of Bath.



Mission and Vision

Passion for learning

Our vision is to be an institution that fosters an educational experience that exemplifies academic excellence. We are committed to the ongoing emotional development of each student and seek to understand the needs of each individual.

Our mission is to develop upright, responsible, sensitive, self-confident people who have a passion for learning and are committed to the progress of others, as active members of a global community.

Meet the School Community

colegio altair profesora


Jessica Flórez


Altair represents creativity, learning and personal growth through challenging goals, is about sharing, friendship and so much more. Altair are my students, young people that I have known and continue to know, who teach me many things every day, and who give me not only smiles, but also great life lessons.

Altair means a challenge and a commitment, a purpose and many goals, together with a great team that is always by my side.




Claudia Caravedo


When I joined Colegio Altair, I discovered that the energy and dedication that I put into knowing each one of the school students, their strengths and weaknesses, not only helped me to teach them better, but to reach them with greater success. After living in the USA for a while, I returned to Peru and without hesitating I chose Altair for my children.

I have been sharing with the Altair community for almost 9 years; this has undoubtedly allowed me to grow more as a professional, however, the most important thing is that it has made me continue to be more and more in love with my career. The diversity experienced at Altair has allowed me to enrich myself as a human being with a more empathetic and tolerant view. I have managed to magnify my human quality, allowing me to achieve healthy and lasting bonds with my students. I owe my professional growth to Altair.




Yolanda Meneses


Colegio Altair is more than a workplace for me, it has become a second home. I have met very good friends and learned many new things. Thanks to the school I have been able to have contact with several national and international institutions, such as ADECOPA, LAHC and IBO, and to learn with each experience.

Colegio Altair opened many doors for me and gave me many possibilities for growth, always willing to listen to new proposals and projects.


Former students

colegio altair ex alumna


Aranza Lira

Former student

When I started working at Altair, I quickly felt like I did when being a student: at home. It is more than a school and a workplace; for me Colegio Altair is a family. The affection, respect, trust and closeness to both teachers and students, make me constantly remember why I returned to my alma mater after so many years: to return all that was given to me.

colegio privado altair ex alumno


Diego Collado

Former student

I wouldn't change the years spent at my school for nothing. Every moment finding adversity, growth and fun. Every project supported and facilitated. An incomparable sense of family (through thick and thin). New challenges with each class and at the same time having the tools to face them. My aspirations (especially artistic ones) recognized and enhanced.

A roller coaster of emotions and personal discovery, both validated and taken into account at every step, a truly safe environment to express myself and learn without compromising my identity (although full of continuous change).



colegio ingles lima alumnos


Essential qualities

Academic excellence
Effective communication
Moral principles
Social and Individual Responsibility

los mejores colegios privados


Essential qualities

Reflection Capacity
Humanistic Culture




International Baccalaureate Organization

Our school is accredited by the IBO and delivers 3 of its programmes. The Primary Years Education (PYP) is offered to students in Little Altair and is suitable for learners in Kindergarten classes to 5th Grade, the Middle Years Programme (MYP) is taught in 6th to 10th Grade, and the Diploma Programme (DP) is offered to 11th and 12th Grade students.

More information about the International Baccalaureate programs at www.ibo.org

Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC)

Each year, the Principal represents the school at the Latin American Heads Conference (LAHC). The conference unites almost 40 headteachers who share their expertise in best practices in British education. LAHC members also participate in the event to share experiences and promote educational excellence for their students. Similarly, students in member schools may participate in regional and international LAHC activities.

More information about LAHC at www.lahc.org

University of Cambridge English Language Programme

Our school offers students the opportunity to take international examinations and gain English language qualifications accredited by Cambridge University in England. English language courses delivered by the school are: English as a Second Language (ESOL); the Preliminary English Test (PET); the First Certificate in English (FCE), and the Certificate of Advanced English (CAE). Language examinations are undertaken at our school campus and are organised by the British Peruvian Cultural Association.


The Asociación de Colegios Particulares Amigos (ADECOPA) is an organisation that unites 25 schools in Peru. ADECOPA aims to strengthen the quality of teaching through knowledge exchange and good practice in education. The enrichment of learning for member schools is promoted through the development of trust, respect and friendship between students and teachers within the school community, and between schools nationally.

Asociación Peruana de Debate

The Asociación Peruana de Debate is a non-profit organisation with several member schools in Lima and across Peru. The organisation aims to promote debating opportunities at schools and universities. Debate competitions are held monthly at Basic, Intermediate and Advanced levels. Students can qualify for a place on the National Debate Team, where they may then participate in international championships.


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