Our Campus

A modern campus in the heart of Lima

Altair is located in La Molina, a peaceful residential district in Lima. 

Offering an ideal environment for comprehensive learning, the modern campus facilities include an independent Early Learning School and spacious buildings for Primary, Secondary and Diploma students to fully engage with the learning environment, both in the classroom and the outside areas.

The Cultural Building houses 2 libraries - 1 for Primary level students and 1 for Secondary level students – a contemporary science laboratory, 2 computer laboratories and a modern coliseum. The learning community also enjoys regular access to a music area, dance and theatre studios and the Psycho-pedagogical Department.

To further expand our first-class learning opportunities, the school has purchased land around the school, allowing us to double the size of our campus and ensure an extensive area for sports activities. The addition to our estate will enable the construction of a new Early Learning School with state-of-the-art Pre-Nursery and Nursery classrooms for children aged 2 to 3 years.

The School Library is a vital educational resource that facilitates classroom activities and offers a wealth of information. Altair aims to develop positive attitudes toward reading in younger learners and self-directed research by instilling the practice of intellectual honesty in our older students. Whilst in the library, learners of all ages are taught how to approach different sources of knowledge and utilise digital learning tools. 

We are committed to the comprehensive development of each Grade through ongoing cooperation between librarians and teachers. Working together, educators and library staff help learners successfully fulfil the requirements of the International Baccalaureate courses and discover the pleasure of reading.