Inspired is a leading global premium schools group, offering excellence in Kindergarten to Year 13 education to over 65,000 students. Its international network of 80 schools, across 23 countries on 5 continents, delivers proven best practice from every corner of the globe to ensure learning is world class.

Among the groups of international schools, ours is distinguished for being led by outstanding educators, with extensive experience and knowledge of the main qualities of the world's schools, including International Baccalaureate and A level. Nadim M. Nsouli is Founder and President of Inspired and has led the group's strategic growth since its creation; Graeme Crawford, Executive President, is a renowned educator and founder of more than fourteen colleges in the last twenty years; Nick Wergan, Director of Education, appointed National Leader for Education by the UK Department of Education, and Clarissa Farr, our Senior Advisor, has served as Head of St. Paul, the UK's most recognized women's academic college.

A benchmark of excellence in private education,  lnspired is made up of a group of independent schools with the purpose of inspiring students to progressively reach their full potential in an enriching environment.

lnspired schools promote a dynamic and contemporary orientation of education, integrating methodologies and curricula that provide students with the necessary qualities to respond to the requirements of today's society, focusing on identifying and developing the individuality and talent of each of our students, reinforcing confidence and self-assurance, as well as the skills necessary to ensure success.

Each lnspired school has an excellent academic, cultural and athletic reputation and encourages students to enjoy learning in a conducive academic environment, regulated by self-discipline. All have proven to be promoters of excellence, recognized for their innovative achievements in different aspects of a holistic education.

Photo: Graeme Crawford, Executive President of Inspired, Natasha Malachowski, Principal, Gina Mantero, Founder of Altair School and Matt Harbison, CEO Americas at the presentation of the Inspired group to parents.

Inspired Schools