We present to you in these pages a vision of our institutional life, our methodology and programs. Since our foundation, we have been a dynamic and innovative school, with solid foundations, based on the principles of Authenticity, Respect and Wisdom.

This is possible because we have a highly qualified human group committed to the pedagogical task, who share the vision and mission of the school. We adapt to the needs of our students and their different cognitive styles, providing them a personalized education, understanding that each one of them is a unique and different being, educating them basically by respecting their essence.

We have managed to build a warm, familiar and trusting environment, where we teach our students to choose and make decisions. We help them discover their talents and strengths; educating them in freedom, developing their creativity and teaching them to think.

We seek to develop people who enjoy learning, that are responsible, generous, confident in themselves; human beings that will achieve tomorrow anything they propose to and contribute with their capabilities to society. We appreciate your interest in our institution and we invite you to visit our school in Lima.

Natasha Malachowski, School Head