Educational Model

Exploration and self-knowledge

Our educational model offers comprehensive educational provision that favours exploration and self-knowledge. It aims to develop skills in the arts and sports, in addition to study skills and talents, to complement academic and socio-emotional development. 


Personalised education: Encourages self-discovery and comprehensive development of each student’s potential. Learning responds to specific needs and offers the opportunity for pupils to fulfil their greatest potential.


One of the five schools in Lima to offer International Baccalaureate programmes.


Unlimited opportunities as an Inspired school, including access to International Summer Camps, International student exchanges and access to Premium Universities admissions counselling. 

extracurricular altair

Wide range of extracurricular activities:
From nursery to high school, our students have the opportunity to practice a wide variety of sports, musical and artistic activities.

Our Open Days



This event is aimed at parents of children applying to our Early Learning School (Stage 2, Stage 3, Pre Kinder, and Kinder). They will be able to learn about our educational proposal, share it with our team and visit our facilities. You will have the opportunity to ask any questions and resolve your concerns, which will significantly help you in making an important decision about your child's future.

Approximate duration: One hour

  1. Welcome from our Head of School
  2. School Overview 
  3. Information 
  4. School Tour

If you wish to apply for a transfer (for applicants from 1st grade of primary school onwards), please complete the inquiry form here. Appointments will be scheduled personally since at the moment we do not have a scheduled next Open Day date.