Why is discussion in classrooms important?

The skills students develop through the debate technique are important to their future as university students and as professionals. The debate offers them a unique experience, through which they learn to listen and be attentive to what others say and think, to be more tolerant and to respect the ideas of the other, even when they do not agree with them.

The debate significantly enriches the integral formation of the students; teaches them to work as a team, to express themselves properly in front of an audience, and to strengthen their self-esteem. Likewise, it improves the ability to investigate and understand a problem and find a way to solve it with solid arguments; as well as the ability to think and reflect critically.

Colegio Altair offers the Debate course, as part of the curriculum, to students in the seventh, ninth and eleventh grade and also offers the opportunity to take this program to students of other grades who wish to participate, through the Debate Club, in extracurricular hours. Students from third to sixth grade will be able to participate in the Debate Module in the Talent Program.