Virtual Classes

Virtual Classes through King's Interhigh 

Virtual classes (Online) – During the Covid-19 pandemic, the new teaching modality presented many advantages for students of different educational levels. Thanks to the Virtual Classes, the students were able to develop skills of self-management, autonomy, self-regulation, organization, time management and technology management applied to the learning of the different subjects. These skills are essential for the following stages both at the school level, in preparation for higher education and even in the workplace.


Educational objectives

Adapted to the needs of the primary and secondary students

The Virtual Classes were designed to meet the educational objectives at the school level, not only academic but also for social and emotional development as long as they are guided by competent education professionals. The Virtual Classes were adapted to the needs of the primary and secondary students, always thinking about the characteristics of the stage of development in which the students are and under a professional gaze that ensures and accompanies the harmonious development of the student both in the emotional as well as cognitive and social domains.


We keep learning!

King´s Interhigh

Being part of the Inspired educational group, made up of more than 80 schools around the world, allowed us to anticipate and be prepared to make the immediate change to the remote education system that the global health emergency required; thus transforming a crisis situation into an opportunity for our students to continue learning and developing skills. For those students who need or choose their schooling virtually, Inspired offers King´s Interhigh, with high-quality programs and access to various platforms that facilitate our students' learning.