Secondary (High School)

High School begins in 10th Grade, the last year of the MYP.

This year, High School pupils may decide whether to undertake the National Curriculum or the International Baccalaureate DP.

Altair Propuesta educativa

Secondary School MYP Framework

High School National Curriculum (NC)

The High School National Curriculum (NC) offers a wide range of course subjects, and 11th Grade students can choose to supplement their core course material with one of the programmes below:

  • Debate Team or Model United Nations
  • Economics or Business Management.
  • Optional: Dance, Music or Visual Arts

Model United Nations and Debate courses are taught in English. The objective of these supplementary programmes is to develop public-speaking abilities and elevate research and communication skills. Participation in MUN or Debate Team sessions allows our students to appreciate the value of differing perspectives and encourages them to exhibit respect towards ideas and people.

Altair Expresión Artísticas

Artistic Expressions

Dance, Music or Visual Arts

NC students may decide to also add Dance, Music or Visual Arts options to their course programme. After building an understanding of these subject areas in Primary education, NC candidates may decide to explore one of the areas above with greater intensity. For senior school learners, regular exhibitions offer the opportunity to share coursework with friends and family members while gaining invaluable experience organising work content for public display. The Music Night, The Art Night and The Party Night are some of the creative school events arranged annually.

Sports Programme


Sport is one of The Three Pillars of education at the school. As a member of ADECOPA and LAHC, our sports students represent us in several interschool athletics events. We have designed a specialised programme for outstanding athletes, which offers a dedicated support system to enable participation in competitions at national and international levels without impeding classwork. The inclusive programme includes the allocation of sports facilities for competition preparation and considers factors that may impact class attendance, including overseas travel. 

The Sports Programme benefits also include additional assistance with classwork, if necessary. Examination preparation may also be offered; however, this depends on individual circumstances. We appreciate how important it is for 10th and 11th Grade students to have a sports portfolio that allows them to apply for University sports scholarships. We are willing to assist our learners and their families in this process. Please speak to the Admissions Service or your child’s Tutor for further information.

Programa de Orientación Vocacional

Vocational Guidance

Vocational Guidance Fair

The school offers an excellent Vocational Guidance programme that begins in 9th Grade. In 10th Grade, our students take an examination to assess learning progress, the results of which are shared with entrants and parents at the beginning of 11th Grade. In the third semester of the year, a Vocational Guidance Fair is organised with participation from national and international universities. Guest speakers are invited to share their experiences working in various fields and sectors to better inform our learners of different educational and professional routes after school.