Gamma, Sigma, Delta y Omega.

They are the four Houses of our school. Each of them is represented by a House Captain and a Vice Captain, who are elected by the student body. These leaders are what make this human group orient itself towards a common goal, whether in a sports, academic, artistic, cultural or social field.

Houses are important to develop a sense of belonging to a larger group, fraternity between peers of different levels, integrity, healthy competition and above all identity. The Houses unite and integrate us as a school, as a family.

Our most important event takes place at Altair StarFest, where each House sponsors one of the communities with which we have been working throughout the year in the Social Action Program. According to a distribution system, the funds raised in this festival serve to cover certain essential needs.

During the year, different competitions are held, such as the sports Inter Houses that take place in each bimester, where students compete in the disciplines of volleyball, soccer, basketball, handball, athletics, among others, as well as in different contests and challenges, such as the Great Challenge or Canta y Gana. A variety of activities that allow the integral development of our students.