It is a demanding program, designed to meet the needs of highly motivated Secondary school students, ages 16-19. The benefits of the Diploma Program are oriented to the preparation for the future university life of the student, to the organizational skills that allow them to develop the capacity for analysis and critical thinking as a result of reflection, as well as to the agreements with the universities at a world level.

The program lasts two years and its broad curriculum prepares our students to meet the requirements of educational systems in different countries. It allows a balance in subjects from different areas (scientific and humanistic).

The Diploma candidate must take six subjects, of which at least three and no more than four must be at the higher level and the rest at the intermediate level. One of the six must be Math. In addition, Diploma applicants must meet the requirements of TOK (Theory of Knowledge), CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) and Extended essay.

The Diploma program at Colegio Altair is offered to all 11th grade students at the Secondary level, since due to the complexity and academic demands it is highly recommended that students have sufficient maturity to perform in the required standards.

Subjects offered at Colegio Altair

        Group 1: Language A - Literature - Spanish: high level

        Group 2: English A-Language & Literature: high level

        Group 3: Individuals and companies (Optional):

o    Psychology: intermediate level

o    Economy: intermediate level

o    Business Management: intermediate level

        Group 4: Experimental Sciences:

o    Biology: high level.

        Group 5: Mathematics and Computer Science (Optional):

o    Mathematics: intermediate level

o    Mathematical studies: intermediate level

        Group 6: Arts (Optional):

o    Visual Arts: intermediate level

o    ITGS (Information Technology in a Global Society): intermediate level

o    Physics: intermediate level

        Group 0: Mandatory:

o    Extended essay

o    Theory of Knowledge

o    Creativity, Action and Service