Online lessons

Online lessons s (Online) – the new teaching modality in the times of Covid represents many advantages for students of different educational levels. Thanks to Online Lessons, students can develop skills of self-management, autonomy, self-regulation, organization, time management and use of technology applied to the learning of different subjects. These skills are essential for the following stages, at school level, in preparation for higher education and even at work level. Online lessons are designed to meet the educational objectives at the school level not only academic but for social and emotional development as long as they are guided by competent educational professionals. Online Lessons are adapted to the needs of primary and secondary students as long as they are designed thinking about the characteristics of the stage of development in which the students are and under a professional perspective that ensures and accompanies the harmonious growth of the student emotionally, cognitively and socially.

We keep learning!

Being members of the Inspired educational group, made up of 64 schools around the world, has allowed us to anticipate and be prepared to make the immediate change towards the remote education system, as required by the global health emergency; thus, transforming a crisis situation into an opportunity for our students to continue learning and developing skills. We have high-quality programs and access to different platforms that facilitate our students' learning.

Our Virtual School is open for our students!

The learning sessions have a structure designed and organized according to the ages and grades of our students, optimizing the time in front of the computers and in accordance with the WHO recommendations. Likewise, the recommendations of the International Baccalaureate Organization and other Educational Institutions with previous experience in virtual education have been taken into account to organize synchronous and asynchronous work time.

Every day the students start with online tutoring sessions, in which the class tutor receives, organizes and welcomes his students. In the same way, teachers are available at all times for consultations that both students and parents may have.

Online lessons: ELS and Primary:  

The school has the Seesaw platform for students and parents at the ELS and Primary level. Parents can access through their accounts as well as QR codes. Teachers upload resources, daily agendas and work material on the platform. The students receive in advance the objectives to be developed daily and in the synchronous sessions the contents are developed under the guidance and attentive gaze of their teachers and the psychopedagogical team.

If parents have limitations in meeting the established schedules, they can access class sessions that are recorded daily.

Our students also have educational software for the independent development of mathematics, reading, programming learning (coding) according to grades.

Online lessons: Secondary

Our Secondary level students adhere to a daily class schedule that includes all courses in the regular curriculum. The class methodology is varied and responds to the characteristics of the different groups, prioritizing a class centered on the student, research-oriented and the development of critical, creative thinking and autonomy. Classes are dynamic and include the development of sessions with virtual laboratories, individual and collaborative work, student presentations and guided practice. Depending on the nature of the courses, students explore a great diversity of virtual resources that makes classes attractive and dynamic, thus promoting learning.

Face-to-face online lessons

The curriculum for the Early Years, Primary and Secondary levels take as a reference the official competencies established for 2020 according to our Work Plan. The objectives not only encompass, but go beyond those set by MINEDU, including the goals by grade that as a school of the International Baccalaureate Organization we are committed to achieve.

Teachers have made the necessary adaptations so that, through virtual learning sessions, students have the opportunity to continue developing their skills, managing to provide them with the best possible educational experience using the technology. At the same time, we emphasize the importance of safe network management through constant guidance on how to be good digital citizens. Teachers share strategies, risks, guidelines and resources with their students according to their ages. In the same way, guidelines and recommendations are shared with parents to make of these circumstances an enriching, organized, optimal and positive experience.

Personalized virtual education and emotional support

We are open to learning through remote education that represents a new challenge for the specialists of our Psychopedagogical Department and classroom tutors, who work together with the aim of meeting the different needs of students, teachers and parents, in order to guarantee the learning of all students, in this new modality.

They are open to our students through dynamics, a flexible space that allows us to meet the needs of students, immediately, on both, the impact of virtual education and the challenges it poses, as well as their emotions and feelings.

Likewise, they are open to personalized attention, responding to the life situations that each one experiences in a different way and with differentiated approach requirements.