Primary School

The Primary School level includes students from First to Fifth grade. In this stage, we promote the development of skills and attitudes that strengthen the comprehensive development of the student in order to achieve a solid and sequenced progress of the objectives that will lead them to achieve academic excellence.

We promote learning in a motivating and participatory environment. Likewise, we guide them to the knowledge of their learning processes, to the development of social skills, research, reflection, and creativity, which positively influence their development.

Along with solid academic foundations, we incorporate other elements that will represent the strengths of the students throughout their education, such as adequate work habits and mastery of tools that will allow them to handle and process new information and facilitate the learning of complex concepts.

Through the continuous communication between the Psychopedagogical Department and parents, we assume the important task of training our students, providing them with the values that lead them to achieve personal balance and develop as authentic beings, with responsibility, social sensitivity and solid moral principles.

At this level, we work with a bilingual curriculum that includes 80% of the classes in English based on the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Throughout each year, students develop six units of inquiry, which are prepared in relation to transdisciplinary issues.

In each of the units we work with a methodology based on cycles of inquiry, which leads students to ask questions that allow them to orient and guide their research in a process focused on the development of thinking skills and not only on the acquisition of new information or knowledge. This is why the methodology used in class promotes active and very participatory learning, encouraging autonomy in a democratic environment of mutual respect.

Each classroom has a tutor who is in charge of accompanying the students throughout the year. They are the ones who plan and are in charge of teaching most of the courses. In this way, a very close monitoring of the individual progress of the students in each of the learning areas is achieved. Additionally, there is the support of the grade psychologist who, together with the tutor, monitors the students as well as participates in the accompaniment and attention to the parents.

The daily schedule alternates with classes such as Art, Drama, Physical Education (PE), Information Technology (IT), Music and Library, which favor the integral development of our students. Additionally, on Thursdays, First and Second grade students have a rotating workshop space every two months, in which they demonstrate a particular ability or strength.

Students from Third to Fifth grade have the Talent Program, which allows them to participate in some activity consistently during these years, in order to provide them with a space in which they can enhance their own talents. Additionally, Primary students have the possibility to participate throughout the week and after school hours in cultural, sports and musical clubs, which are optional and free to choose.

At the Primary level, the school's Nutrition Program provides students with a nutritious and balanced lunch. By sharing lunch with their classmates and teacher, students develop a greater awareness of the importance of a healthy and balanced life, at the same time they acquire habits of independence and good manners.

Sandra Nicoli,
Head of ELS  & Primary School