Psychopedagogical Department (PPD)

In order to guarantee a personalized education, which is based on the fundamental principle of recognizing each student as a unique and different being, Colegio Altair has the support of the Psychopedagogical Department. It is made up of a team of professionals whose main objective is to guide the student so that this educational experience allows him to achieve his optimal development, discovering and enhancing his strengths, as well as providing the personal support he requires.

The Psychopedagogical Department has fifteen specialists, including psychologists and learning therapists. Each grade has a specialist, who centralizes the work with the corresponding group of students. The work carried out by the PPD involves students, teachers and parents.

The team of psychologists emphasizes bond building and trust-based relationships. This is done through a permanent accompaniment as well as weekly group dynamics spaces.

The PPD shares with the teachers the knowledge it has of the students for the application of different strategies aimed at their integral development. Maintains an active participation in the classroom, which allows him/her to know the cognitive styles of each student, in order to enhance his learning. In the same way, it facilitates the development of attributes that lead students to have good relationships with their peers, thus promoting group integration.

Likewise, the PPD invites parents to participate actively in the education of their children, through personal and group meetings in the so-called parents talks and schools for parents, in order to communicate information, recognize the development needs of each group and share strategies and tools that may be necessary for their integral development.

Our Psychopedagogical Department fulfills the following functions:

  •  Optimize the teaching-learning process through individual and group strategies.

  • Sustain and contribute to the emotional growth of students.

  • Create, apply and implement socio-emotional programs.

  • Perfect the learning of each student through the knowledge of their individual capacities and their cognitive styles.

  • Actively involve parents in the education of their children, through informational meetings of orientation and support.

  • Carry out individual or group evaluations according to the needs of the students or the institution.

  • To be a permanent element of innovation and creation within the framework of Colegio Altair´s methodology.

  • Design career counselling programs.

  • Promote research on issues related to the well-being and learning of students.