In the Middle Years Program (MYP) there is a similar scheme to that of Primary with a slight variation of areas. However, the phases are still considered.

Aspects of language are grouped into comprehension of oral, written and visual texts.

In addition to the skills and learning experiences mentioned in the Primary Years, the Middle Years students will be challenged with more advanced linguistic structures as well as with the analysis and production of communication tools, such as seminars, debates, films, novels, rehearsals and so on, developing their strengths.

Inquiry-based learning is the predominant methodology. As students become more trained orally, in writing, and visually, they develop communicative skills through the understanding of concepts, transdisciplinary issues, global contexts, and social issues.

As in Primary, the World History, Geography, Biology and Chemistry courses are maintained in English, however the Mathematics and Physics classes are taught in Spanish.

Our students take the ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) exams provided by the University of Cambridge in Great Britain. The Preliminary Exam (PET) is given by our 6th grade students. The First Certificate of English (FCE) exam is taken by our 9th grade students, and the Advanced English Certification (CAE) exam is taken by our 11th grade students, for purposes of comparison with British standards.

The Diploma Program allows us to take our students to a higher level of language, which extends beyond communication skills. Our students go towards a deeper study of understanding and application of the linguistic characteristics of the language, which in our case is English. Students face real and circumstantial life situations, reaching concrete solutions, using a range of professional and specialized vocabulary, as well as the use of appropriate conventions and structures, according to the audience.

The Diploma Program is organized by Topics: Communications and Topics, Global Concerns and Social Relations.