The Design course of Colegio Altair aims at contributing in the improvement of the education of the student in a holistic way, offering a wide range of cutting-edge computer tools that allow them to know and use information and communication technologies intelligently. Likewise, it seeks to favor the necessary conditions to integrate the knowledge, skills and values that respond and effectively solve the demands that its environment requires. It is aimed at developing a high degree of independence inside and outside the school, thus forming active and reflective people.

In Secondary level, students not only learn the concepts and proper handling of the main computer programs, but also delve into the contents of the other subjects, incorporating the computational tool into their work through the assertive application of hardware, software and communications within your projects.

We develop two types of activities: supervised and non-supervised, in which students are free to choose the tools with which they will work. The challenge is for them to be creative enough to put together the platform for presenting knowledge, content and concepts to communicate them to others. Through exploration and discovery, they will be able to correctly express the objectives they wish to achieve, apply the concepts acquired and handle a technical vocabulary in accordance with the teachings given. Likewise, they develop the ability to describe and abstract and assess technological advances with a critical and reflective attitude and, above all, learn the correct use of the computer as part of the development and improvement of the quality of life.