School House System

Gamma, Sigma, Delta y Omega.

They are the four Houses of our school: Gamma, Sigma, Delta and Omega. A House Captain and a Vice Captain represent each House, both of whom are elected by the student body. House leaders unite their members towards a common goal in sports events, academic meetings, artistic & cultural competitions, and social activities.

House membership helps to develop a sense of belonging to a larger group and instils integrity, healthy competition, and a sense of identity within the school community.


An important events in the school calendar

StarFest is one of the most important events in the school calendar. Each House sponsors one of the communities they have worked with during the school year in the Social Action Programme. Through a distribution system, the funds raised for this event provide essential items for people most in need.

During the year, a number of competitions are held, such as the bi-monthly Inter House sports tournament, where sports enthusiasts compete in volleyball, soccer, basketball, handball, athletics and other sports events, as well as contests and challenges, including the Great Challenge and Canta y Gana.