Model United Nations and
Debate programme

Altair Modelo de Naciones Unidas

Model United Nations

Organised by AENU and Universidad de Lima

The Model United Nations at Altair is organised by AENU and Universidad de Lima. Participants represent diplomats from different countries and explore social issues and current affairs. Each diplomat presents the points of view of their assigned country, and participants engage in discussion and debate topics raised in this engaging and informative module. 

During MUN sessions, students gain skills in public speaking, negotiation, research, meeting deadlines and teamwork while learning to work effectively under pressure. The school offers MUN lessons in 8th and 10th Grade, as well as in extra-curricular clubs.


Debate Programme

Effective communication skills

Debate Programme participants acquire effective communication skills, which are an essential asset for future university study and professional life. This programme offers a unique experience that encourages students to listen and remain attentive to the views and opinions of others, while expressing themselves coherently. Debate Programme members learn to be more tolerant and respectful of the ideas of others, even whilst holding differing views.

Debate Programme students have found that participation has enriched the formation of their character by teaching them to work as a team, express themselves clearly in front of an audience, and strengthen their self-esteem while speaking in public. Likewise, the research and planning element of the programme improves the ability to problem-solve and find solutions with solid arguments, while also exercising the ability to reflect critically.

Colegio Altair offers the Debate course as part of the National Curriculum. Students in the 7th ,9th and 11th Grades may participate in the Debate Team, along with students in other Grades who wish to join the team as an extra-curricular activity. Students in the 3rd and 6th Grades may participate in the Debate module as their selected option for the Talent Programme.