Psycho-pedagogical Counselling (PPC)

Committed to providing personalised education

Altair is committed to providing personalised education based on the fundamental principle of recognising each student as a unique learner. To fulfil this mission, Altair has enlisted the support of the Psycho-pedagogical Counselling department to support the student community. The PPC is a team of professionals who guide students effectively, enabling them to attain optimal development, and discover and enhance their strengths through a bespoke course of one-to-one sessions and in-class support.

15 specialists are currently enlisted in the Psycho-pedagogical Counselling team, including psychologists and learning therapists. Each Grade has a designated PPC team member, who understands the needs of that Grade and collaborates with students, teachers and parents. 

Regular PPC sessions emphasise team-building by encouraging trust-based relationships within the school setting. This is done through a permanent PPC programme for learners, as well as weekly seminars that are dedicated to exploring group dynamics and conflict resolution.


Our Goals

Our Psycho-pedagogical Department aims to:

  • Optimise the teaching-learning process through individual and group strategies.
  • Sustain and contribute to the emotional growth of students.
  • Create, apply and implement socio-emotional programmes.
  • Perfect each student’s learning through knowledge of their pace and cognitive styles.
  • Actively involve parents in the education of their children through orientation and support meetings.
  • Complete individual and group evaluations, according to the needs of the students.
  • Be a permanent source of innovation within the framework of Altair’s methodology.
  • Design vocational guidance programmes.
  • Promote research on issues related to the well-being and learning of students.
DPP y los Profesores

PPC and the teaching community

Strategies geared towards developmental goals

The PPC department works closely with the teaching community in the school to share and employ strategies geared towards developmental goals. The expert team maintains active participation in the classroom environment to gain a deeper understanding of the cognitive styles of each student to enhance their learning. Another benefit of this service is the facilitation of positive relationships between students and their peers, thus promoting group integration.

The PPC department members invite parents to actively participate in their children’s education through personal and group meetings alongside regular parent-teacher conferences. During these meetings, department specialists will communicate information regarding the developmental needs of the learners in each age group and share strategies and tools that may be employed at home.