Middle School

IB Middle Years Programme (MYP)

Students from 6th to 9th Grade

Students in the Middle School division, 6th to 9th Grade, continue their personal, academic and interpersonal development while studying a robust international programme. Middle Years learners develop ‘soft’ skills, enabling them to study effectively and live productively. They are also increasingly autonomous in the learning process and are challenged to explore more abstract concepts in greater depth and detail. 


MYP Framework

A wide-ranging course

The objectives of this wide-ranging course are reached both in the classroom and during supplementary programmes, such as Mock United Nations and Debate Club. Students explore their public speaking and research skills while embracing the benefits of effective communication in leadership roles during teamwork. 

The Physical Education programme offers a comprehensive exploration into maintaining health through physical activity. Many of our learners enjoy the many active courses provided in school. However, some may wish to explore their sports interests further and advance their practice to a competitive level. 

We are committed to ensuring access to a holistic Middle Years Education; therefore, we complement academic learning with several arts programmes that allow students to fully explore their skills through dance, music, visual arts and theatre productions.

Middle Years education offers learners to develop talents, a positive attitude toward learning and interests in a supportive and enriching environment. 

The IBO’s Middle Years Programme emphasises an interdisciplinary approach to achieving high academic standards. Our main objective is to fully develop the talents of each student and support them in critical and creative thinking, decision-making and problem-solving. 

This inclusive programme concludes in 10th Grade with the development of the Individual Project: a course which reflects the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the programme. The Learning Resource Centre is a valuable space, offering access to relevant books and digital resources. Students who meet the school’s requirements and wish to do so may join the Diploma Programme in 11th Grade.

Altair Estrategias Pedagógicas

Pedagogical Strategies

Tutor and a Psychologist 

A Middle Years Tutor and a Psychologist supervise each Grade. Both parties oversee the well-being and educational progress of learners and assist them in developing autonomy, organisational skills and age-appropriate socio-emotional tools. A collaborative approach between educators and professionals in the Middle Years learning stage enables the practical application of pedagogical strategies while respecting and understanding the needs of each learner. Middle Years educators also strive to maintain positive relationships between themselves and the parent community.

A fundamental part of student life is healthy living. 

Our Nutrition Programme is designed to address the needs of our students as they grow and offers a specially designed plan of lessons for Middle Years classes.

The House System continues to be an integral aspect of school life and generates a sense of comradery, competition, responsibility and teamwork for everyone in the learning community.

Programa de Años Intermedios (PAI)

Middle Years Programme (MYP) Framework

Transcends the methodology in traditional school models

The IBO’s Middle Years Programme (MYP) enables 11 to 16-year-old students to develop academically and personally while following an internationally-recognised broad-ranging curriculum. The educational approach employed to deliver this five-year programme transcends the methodology in traditional school models and creates an awareness of the local and global environment. Additionally, the MYP course material provides excellent preparation for the DP.

At Altair, the MYP scheme of work is flexible. Schools may include additional subjects not outlined by the IBO but are compulsory, as determined by local education authorities. The MY Programme is based on the principle that high-quality training can facilitate increased understanding and inter-cultural awareness, one of the central points of the course, it enables future generations to live peacefully and productively.

This course is designed to teach young people discipline, skills and how to overcome challenges. It also encourages creativity and flexibility. The IB Organization aims to cultivate the following qualities in MYP participants by delivering a programme that instils value-based principles.



Areas of Interaction

The five concepts, also known as the Areas of Interaction, are at the core of the Middle Years Programme: 
Learning to Learn, Community and Service, Health and Social Education, Environment and Human Ingenuity

These five areas are covered to a greater degree each year. They are delivered across the eight subject groups via classroom teaching, interdisciplinary units, whole school activities and the MYP Personal Project. The Areas of Interaction component is not directly evaluated or scored with an individual grade. Instead, this element offers learners the opportunity to understand different perspectives that, in turn, encourages the contextualisation of academic content.


Individual Project

The independent project requires learners to reflect and critically evaluate one of the Areas of Interaction.

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Design and Technology

The Design Programme at Colegio Altair aims to broaden awareness of innovative learning tools, reinforcing our progressive learning approach.

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Language Programme

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) language course follows a similar scheme to that is delivered in Primary School. However, learning areas are explored in greater detail.

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