Accreditation program

Colegio Altair has an Accreditation Program that sums credits obtained based on the participation of secondary school students in social, sports and/or cultural activities. These can be done both internally and externally as long as it is on a voluntary basis (not as part of the regular curriculum). The purpose is to stimulate the participation of our students in those activities that favor the development of soft skills, such as the ability to adapt to new environments and cultures, flexibility, communication skills, argumentation, problem solving, teamwork, among others.

At the beginning of the year, the Accreditation Fair is held, attended by students from 7th to 11th grade. In it, a variety of activities organized by the school or by several institutions with which we work are presented, such as La Alegría en el Señor, AENU, TECHO, América Solidaria, Make a Wish Peru, among others, and students have the opportunity to enroll in voluntarily in any of them.

The purpose of this program is to enable our students to develop skills that allow them to achieve a comprehensive profile. At the end of the school year, the credits obtained are counted, which in turn generate a factor that positively affects the final average. Thanks to the credits obtained, the possibility of climbing in the table of merits of the grade increases.