Plastic arts

The Art program inserts the student into the world of culture through the knowledge and appreciation of the artistic and cultural manifestations of the different eras.

Our students learn and experience the different techniques of drawing, painting and sculpture used by artists at different times, making a parallel between universal history, the history of Peru and the history of art, to reach the analysis and understanding of each era.

Through art, students are sensitized to value the different forms of cultural manifestation, fostering the discovery of other means of expression and communication.

Performing artss

At Colegio Altair we believe performing arts is a fundamental piece in the integral development of the students. Through the interpretation of real or imaginary situations, creativity and the formation of moral values are promoted, such as social sensitivity, tolerance and respect. Through body and vocal expression, and group work, our students acquire greater confidence in themselves and in others, thus promoting the development of their self-esteem, the formation of positive bonds, leadership and group integration. Likewise, the performing arts contribute to exercising their communication skills, improving their oral, corporal and gestural expression.

Musical Arts

Through this program, students begin in musical practice, providing them with the necessary theory foundations. Classes introduce participants to the appreciation of musical language, vocal and instrumental expression, listening, and music culture.

Students' sensitivity is developed through knowledge of the history and listening to works of different genres and periods, and they are provided with the basic elements of music theory to use as tools for analysis and composition.

We promote singing in our students using the principles of vocal technique and harmony. Likewise, the rhythmic sense is developed through instrumental practice and corporal expression.