Sports program

The Sports Program encourages the student to become aware of the personal benefits obtained by performing physical and sports activities. Initially, it seeks to develop body skills in preparation for sports games, in which healthy competition, fair play and teamwork are prioritized.

Additionally, to the two weekly hours of Physical Education, the school offers workshops and clubs that allow students to participate in different sports disciplines, such as basketball, soccer, baseball, badminton, ping pong, volleyball and gymnastics.

Likewise, sports and healthy competition are encouraged in sports activities within the Houses program.

Our students actively participate in different championships of various sports disciplines organized by other schools or clubs, having obtained over the years many achievements and recognitions for their participation in these events.

Colegio Altair organizes and hosts the TADCA sports championship (Torneo Altair de Colegios Amigos) held every year in November, which is attended by different institutions that participate in the disciplines of soccer, basketball, volleyball and gymnastics.