ELS (Early Learning School)

The Infants level welcomes children ages 3 to 6, organized in Little Altair, Pre-Kinder and Kinder classrooms.

In a warm and motivating environment, the adaptation of the students is promoted in a formal way to the school experience that the school represents.

We have a group of teachers who work closely with the Psychopedagogical Department and the parents, in order to provide our students, the personalized attention they require during this process, allowing us to attend to the individual needs of each one of them.

Our comprehensive programs are aimed at instilling in your children the love for knowledge, emphasizing the development of skills to allow maturity for the acquisition of new learning, the attitude of inquiry and investigation, creativity, as well as good work habits, which will promote school success.

The Infants level has an educational environment in which children can enjoy their learning, a place where they feel at ease, with enthusiasm and confidence to learn; where they are exposed to a wide variety of stimuli in English, favoring the development of this second language.

We work with a bilingual curriculum based on the Primary Years Program (PYP) of the International Baccalaureate Organization. Thus, the contents proposed in the year are developed through four units of inquiry, with a methodology that promotes active and collaborative work. Our student-centered approach seeks to address not only their particular needs, but also their capabilities, preferences and talents.

The morning begins with free play that allows, through interaction with others, the development of attitudes such as cooperation, solidarity and empathy. There is also Circle Time, a time in which they are encouraged to share their ideas and experiences with others orally.

Each classroom is supervised by a tutor, who is responsible for the group throughout the year. They are the ones who plan and develop the learning experiences and, at the same time, monitor the individual progress of each of the students. There is also a joint work with the psychologist, who supports the emotional monitoring of the students as well as accompanying and guiding the work with the parents.

Academic work is complemented by classes of Art, Library, Drama, Music and Physical Education (PE), which stimulate the integral development of the students.

Starting in Kindergarten, students also have workshops, where they explore different cultural and sports activities. Each academic period they have different workshops, so that, at the end of the year, the children have learned a wide variety of activities such as soccer, gym, volleyball, crafts, choir, percussion, among others.

All Pre-Kinder and Kinder students have the possibility of participating in sports clubs outside school hours, which are optional and free to choose.

For Colegio Altair it is of great importance to develop in its students the awareness of a balanced and healthy diet, that is why the Nutrition program becomes a great tool to work on these aspects with ELS students. The school provides a healthy snack daily to Pre-Kinder and with their lunch to Kinder students. The students thus have the opportunity to meet and try new foods and, together with their classmates, learn the importance and benefits of a correct diet, at the same time that they develop habits of independence and good manners.