Programa de Escuela Primaria (PEP/PYP)

Programa de Escuela Primaria (PEP/PYP)

The Primary Years Program of the International Baccalaureate is aimed at children from 3 to 12 years old and seeks the integral development of the student, focusing on inquiry as the basis of their learning and the discovery of the world that surrounds them.

The program is presented with three comprehensive components: the written curriculum, the taught curriculum, and the assessed curriculum.

The written curriculum is made up of five main elements: knowledge, concepts, skills, attitudes, and action. Within them, six transdisciplinary themes are considered that allow the student to better understand the knowledge raised:

  •       Who we are?

  •       Where are we in time and space?

  •       How do we express ourselves?

  •       How does the world work?

  •       How do we organize ourselves?

  •       How do we share the planet?

We develop the taught curriculum through transdisciplinary themes. These serve to induce students to inquire about important and substantive topics. They are very involved in this stage of the program, asking questions and suggesting lines of research.

The assessed curriculum is an important part of the program as it allows students to reflect on what is understood and learned from each unit. It is a tool used by our teachers to help students know their skills and better assimilate what is taught.

At the end of the program, students are able to support their ideas and principles through the PYP Exhibition in which students demonstrate the knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program.