Middle Years Program

The IBO Middle Years Program (MYP) enables our 11–16-year-old students to develop academically and personally. In this five-year program, an educational approach is proposed that transcends traditional school subjects. It is an excellent preparation for the Diploma Program.

The curricular scheme is flexible enough so that schools can include other subjects not determined by the IBO, but which may be required by local authorities. The MYP, like the other two programs of the International Baccalaureate Organization, is based on the principle that training can facilitate understanding among young people around the world. Intercultural awareness is one of the central points of the program, as it enables future generations to live more peacefully and productively.

MYP educational programs are designed to provide young people with discipline, skills and challenges, but also creativity and flexibility. The IBO bases its program on these considerations and is concerned, at the same time, that students acquire a personal value system by which to guide themselves throughout their lives.

Areas of interaction

Five concepts, known as the areas of interaction, are the core of the Middle Years Program. It is about: Approaches to Learning, Community and Service, Health and Social Education, Environments, and Human Ingenuity. These areas are maintained and repeated throughout the five-year duration of the program through the eight subject groups, classroom teaching, interdisciplinary units, activities for the whole school and the Personal Project of the MYP. The areas of interaction are not directly evaluated or scored with individual grades, as they are rather different perspectives that allow us to contextualize the academic content.

Personal project

It is an independent task, focused from an area of interaction. It is considered the culmination of the Middle Years Program since in it, students will reflect all the skills developed throughout the five years of the program. The Personal Project consists of three elements: the work diary, the product and the written report, which will allow the student to fulfill the proposed objective.