Social responsibility

ESD (Education for sustainable development)

"ESD means acquiring through life the values, knowledge and skills that will help children, youth and adults find new solutions to the social, economic and environmental problems that affect our lives today." (R. Mckeown, 2002)

Our goal as a School is to create a healthy, ecological, economically and socially responsible environment for all our students and workers, making of our school a model of effective practices for the development of the community in which we are located.

Finally, we hope that our students have the skills and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions for the benefit of themselves and others.


The Social Action Project (PAS) involves our students in the entire process of preparing and developing a project. One of the objectives of this program is for students to learn through experience and to be aware of the importance of horizontal work, in the community, with a view to constant and sustainable development.

External Social Support Program

Through the External Social Support Program, we promote in our students a more active participation in the sustainable development of our community. Within the set of activities carried out, in recent years we have worked with a group of institutions such as Lulay, Carrera contra la malnutrición, NGO Tierra y Ser, Kusimayo, among others, who offer various alternatives for participation and in which students are sensitized and involved with the needs of the people of these communities.